Friday, June 1, 2018

DAY 2 of Vet Camp

By Allie Allsup
Day 2 of MSU-CVM’s Vet Camp had another early start to it, with the campers up and going by 8 a.m. this morning. After a fun first day, they were excited for the fun and learning to continue into yet another day of camp.
First on the agenda for today was Equine Lab, which entailed all things horses. Campers got to see Nick, a white horse painted on both sides with anatomy. On one side of him was the entire anatomy of his internal organs and on the other was his physical skeleton. The campers were able to observe a physical exam and an ultrasound, and in the MDL, the campers learned about GI anatomy with Dr. Nabors.
After observing and learning several things from the Equine Lab, the campers were led on to their next experiences, the Parasitology and Suture Labs. Dr. Andrea Varela-Stokes provided the campers with a lesson about parasitology and afterward each camper got to do their very own fecal float. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar, a fecal float is when one collects the feces of a cat or dog, in this case a dog, and adds sodium nitrate to allow parasite eggs to float. With a cover slip and waiting for approximately ten minutes, the camper can then place the cover slip on a slide to check under the microscope for parasites. This is how a veterinarian can tell what parasites are affecting the particular animal, and this is a great opportunity for the campers to learn that information, too
After the topic of feces was thoroughly covered in the Parasitology Lab, campers moved on to Suture Lab, which provided each camper with a stuffed teddy bear in need of repair. With supervision of the counselors and Dr. Jesse Grady, each camper was provided their own instruments to learn and practice how to correctly place sutures and the proper hand motion techniques to tie the knots. It was a very hands-on activity and a lot of fun as each camper worked to put their teddy bear back together again.
Shockingly, all this fun happened within the first half of the day. The campers have many more fun adventures awaiting them after lunch. These include learning about several different career paths in veterinary medicine, an Exotics Lab, and learning how to do a canine physical exam. The campers this year have been excited about all of the opportunities they’ve had so far and continue to have here at camp to advance their knowledge of the field of veterinary medicine.