Friday, February 24, 2017

Purina Nutrition Center Ribbon Cutting

 Thanks to the generosity of Nestlé Purina, MSU-CVM now houses one of the most modern nutrition centers and represents an unparalleled commitment to advancing the role of nutrition in the care and well-being of canine and feline patients. Also located in the AHC is the newly renovated Nestlé Purina Student Center which serves as a central location for CVM students to study, research and collaborate on cases.

Thank you Nestlé Purina for your significant investment!
Private support helps drive our forward progress.
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Graduate student represents MSU in regional Three Minute Thesis competition

Contact: Sasha Steinberg
STARKVILLE, Miss.— A graduate student in Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine is competing March 4-5 in the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Three Minute Thesis Regional Finals in Annapolis, Maryland.
Caitlin J. Wenzel, a master’s student studying veterinary medical science, was named Grand Champion of MSU’s fourth annual Three Minute Thesis Competition last November. Her research talk, “Magnesium Sulfate: A Rescue for Horse & Human Asthmatics,” earned a $1,000 prize.
Originally from Marinette, Wisconsin, Wenzel also is an MSU animal and dairy sciences bachelor’s graduate.
Based on her research findings, Wenzel concluded that “magnesium sulfate is effective as a monotherapy, and there is strong rationale for its implementation into the emergency asthma therapies and treatments for both horse and human asthmatics.”  read more...

Monday, February 20, 2017

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine researchers complete canine shelter population survey
Photo by Tom Thompson-CVM Coordinator of Photographic Services
Contact: James Carskadon
STARKVILLE, Miss.—A recently completed study by two researchers in Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine brings American animal shelter canine populations into sharper focus.
The study by CVM faculty members Kimberly Woodruff and David R. Smith uses survey and capture/re-capture methodology to estimate the number of dogs in U.S. animal shelters, adoption rates, transfer rates and euthanasia rates. The researchers found that commonly cited figures underestimate the quantity taken in by shelters every year and overestimate the number of dogs those shelters euthanize. Woodruff, who leads the College of Veterinary Medicine’s shelter medicine program, said the study’s goal was to put quality science behind shelter population estimates.  read more...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Batesville student named MSU’s first Gates Cambridge Scholar
“Under the mentorship of Dr. Wan and various collaborators from the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine, I have been able to help answer pertinent questions related to bovine influenza D virus, which was discovered in 2011,” said Ferguson. His research endeavors and trainings have been supported by the National Institutes of Health.  Read more...