Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Operation Brave Paw

Operation Brave Paw (OBP) was the idea of CVM Class of 2019 student, Sadie Wood. Sadie recognized the strength of the human animal bond and that we all have times in our life where we are faced with certain challenges. Operation Brave Paw was formed to link animals in need of a second chance with people in the community in need of a special companion. OBP selects special shelter/rescue animals, which pass an initial behavior assessment, for a six week training period to learn basic obedience commands through the use of positive reinforcement training techniques. Harley, a 1 year old, female, red mix breed dog, is the first canine companion for the program. Harley was matched with an Operation Brave Paw applicant who was looking for a special canine companion to help him adjust to being away from home at college. Operation Brave Paw was able to raise enough money through volunteer fund raisers to completely cover the cost of Harley’s 6 week training period, initial health check, as well as initial flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Harley successfully completed her initial training and was recently presented to her new guardian.