Friday, September 9, 2016

Animal autopsy offers important answers

MSU Extension Service
Senior Extension Associate

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Thor was an aging but happy English mastiff living in Louisville with Vanessa Beeson, her husband Ray and son Avett, 4. When this once 200-pound dog’s health declined, he dropped to 135 pounds.

“Around May 2014, we noticed that Thor started to be a little less competent on his back legs,” Beeson said. “He started a slow decline with hip dysplasia, a torn ACL and other problems, and he began to lose his mobility and function.”

With input from local veterinarian Dr. Jesse Grady, the family made the heart-wrenching decision in early May to end Thor’s life with love, but they wanted his death to contribute information that could help other pets.  read more...