Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vets for Vets Ambassador Opportunity you looking for a simple but yet effective way to help promote the College of Veterinary Medicine? Consider becoming an ambassador for our upcoming #HailStateGiving Days-MSU’s philanthropy event happening on April 18-19, 2016!
Being an ambassador simply means that you promote, encourage, share, and give any amount to VETS for VETS during this 48-hour event. The purpose of this effort is to raise awareness of VETs for VETS and to encourage fellow bulldogs and friends to become engaged with the CVM. Our goal is to have at least 30 donors participate in 48 hours. Thank you for your willingness and enthusiasm! Vets for Vets is an exciting program designed to help the community while improving animal health by providing rehabilitation care for retired military dogs and police dogs.

If you would like to sign up, please contact Melissa Montgomery at or 662-325-5170. She’ll give you instructions on how to promote Vets for Vets through social media sites. Participants will receive a Hail State Giving Day t-shirt and a surprise gift.

To support this program, visit Hail State Giving Days today
For more information on the Vets for Vets program watch this short video.

Vets for Vets is designed to improve the community and improve animal health by providing rehabilitation care for retired military dogs and police dogs.

Vets for Vets began when Army Captain Teri Vaughn, a veterinarian and graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine and second year veterinary student, Courtney M. Griffin and  the CVM Class of 2018 recognized the need to support canine veterans following service. They were familiar with charitable programs that support currently deployed military working dogs and their handlers, but not aware of any with an emphasis on canine veterans.

Most former service dogs with degenerative joint tissue can benefit from regular physical therapy. MSU-CVM offers treatment and rehabilitation through a team approach. Dogs enrolled in the program are evaluated and then they begin the rehabilitation regimen.

CVM students observe the process as part of their academic training and some help with the treatments, including laser therapy and work with the aquatic treadmill, and endless pool. Dogs who participate in the program have bravely served as part of our military or police force. The best part of Vets for Vets is to give back to the dogs and help make their lives more comfortable.