Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Small Cat Hammocks - Home or Shelter Use

The MSU-CVM Shelter Club is making cat hammock frames that will be donated to comfort shelter cats in Mississippi. In order to help the shelters be able to use them with a little more ease, the hammocks themselves will be made out of t-shirts (this is where you come in). We are asking for donations of t-shirts of any size to be used for these awesome cat hammocks.
So if you have any old (or new) t-shirts you never get to wear, we hope you'll consider giving them to this good cause. Donations will be taken through Friday, February 5th, and can be placed in the marked box by the entrance to our cafeteria. For anyone outside of the college wishing to participate, please mail donations to: Katie Timmerman, Dean's Office, 240 Wise Center Drive, Mississippi State, MS 39762. Thank you! 

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