Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Summer Research Experience

Group photo of the summer research experience students and their mentors. The summer research experience program gives veterinary students experience in biomedical and animal health research and prepares them to be leaders in the veterinary profession. This years program has 20 students: 17 from MSU-CVM, and 3 from Tuskegee CVM. The program is funded by NIH (12 students), Merck-Merial (4 students), the Morris Animal Foundation (2 students), and MSU-CVM grants (2 students). Students this year are Claire Fellman, Alexis Bardzinski, Kasey Hall, Shayla Belton (Tuskegee), Brook Bobo, Jason Gray, Kimberly Lednum, Chasie Johnson, Virginia Munson, Mary Aboko-Cole (Tuskegee), Karen Barger, Nadine Kirk, Talisha Moore, Jamesia Showers (Tuskegee), Courtney Bruner, Jennifer Sims, Jenna Loar, Kristin Farmer, Leslie Koenig and Susie Baker.