Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CVM Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Michael Bassett, CVM’s May Employee of the Month!
If there’s such a thing as “founding staff” at the CVM, Michael Bassett would be in that group.  At the CVM since 1983 (with just one small interruption of four years), Michael has always been ready and willing to help just about anyone with just about anything.  As manager of LARAC, he supervises the day to day operations of the animal care group, but his role also finds him doing lots of problem solving and unusual duties.  “I like to be able to help the faculty out and solve problems for them, and I’m glad to try to lead my staff in a positive direction,” he says.  Michael and his wife Becky have two children (Presley, 7 and Hatcher, 6 weeks) and a yellow lab named River.  In his spare time, he likes to do the “usual Southern things:” hunting, fishing, working outside, and playing softball with his daughter.